Google and Paula Creamer... coincidence?

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Google and Paula Creamer... coincidence?
I Googled Google and found out they are located in Mountain View, California. Ah ha!

I then Googled "Paula Creamer" Image search. I looked there for about two and a half hours.

I then Googled "Paula Creamer" web search and found Creamer was born in Mountain View, California ...Ah Ha...I knew it!

I knew it! The latest golf phenom is a product of the Internet giant. Paula Creamer was invented by Google. She is Paula Creamer 1.0 or as she is called in Mountain View "Kournikova 3.0-Golf Edition" -Sharapova being "Kournikova 2.0"

She is the product of a search engine. Not even Bill Gates has tried this one. Mostly because, like in his "Second Life-Killer Lively" there is no sex at Microsoft and without sex what good would a Creamer prototype be?

Sure she plays great golf but with out the hotness she is just Annika Sorenstam.

The perfect female golfer invented by a corporation. The cuteness. The straight drives. The perfect puts. The wiggle in her walk. We should of known she was too good to be true.

I don't think we can stand for this stuff. Google must release her to the masses. We all should have a Paula Creamer on our lap tops.

Just one question.

Is she as user friendly as she looks?


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