Brian S. Bertocki

Michael VoyerSenior Analyst IJuly 15, 2008

Ok I'm going to say sorry in advance this is not about sports but I'm really sad, my best friend Brian Bertocki was killed in a hit and run crash late one night last month. We believe the guy who killed him was found however they have yet to make an arrest.

This story was all over the Connecticut news for three weeks and it hurt to see his face with out knowing why, who what and where. He was like the father I always wanted, he looked out for me and he loved me as a son. Questions that raised into my head shortly after the news announced that the guy was being questioned but no arrest was "how in the hell do you question a guy whose truck matched the description and matched the driver description?"

I want answers from the guy who killed brian (Brian's picture is on the top of this page), or i want to beat the crap out of the guy who did it.