Strikeforce: Coker Makes Miller the Scapegoat

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IApril 19, 2010

Many witnessed the melee that took place in the cage following the Strikeforce event this past Saturday. Strikeforce CEO, Scott Coker, was quick to place blame on Jason "Mayhem" Miller.

Coker stated that Miller should have expected to be attacked by the Diaz brothers for interrupting Jake Shields post fight interview, (yes, you read that right, Coker believes that Miller should have expected to get attacked by the Diaz brothers).

Coker was also quick to make excuses for the actions of his middleweight champion, Jake Shields, and lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez.  The CEO sat there and let Shields and Melendez take shots at Miller and figuratively kick him while he was down, after members of the Cesar Gracie fight team literally kicked Miller while he was on the mat.

Coker was probably trying protect his relationship with CBS and keep up the "good guy" image they have tried to present for Shields and Melendez, while furthering the Diaz brothers' gangster image. It is wrong for Coker to make Miller the scapegoat, especially when he didn't see the melee and when CBS replayed it in slow motion and you have Melendez and Nick Diaz punching a prone Miller while Nate Diaz kicks him.

Miller is partly responsible, but for Coker to throw all the blame on him is wrong. Also it is slightly hypocritical because Coker would have loved it if Shields had responded with a cliche "anytime anywhere" type comment instead of a shove.