Ray Emery: Will he Gain a Fan?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJuly 15, 2008

With Emery gone to Europe, he may just become a star again, but for all the wrong reasons.

Ray Emery may just become the story of the Russian Continental Hockey League by showing up late and too much "sleeping".

He may not have a good year there.

Even though the team that he signed with said that he would be the No.1 goalie, I don't think that he will be.

By the time we reach the All-Star break, he will even be making the American Sports Center for all the wrong reasons.

Ray Emery needs to get hockey strait, because right now, he is a celebrity, not a hockey player, and nobody likes a player that is nothing, but a “celeb.”

It ruins the game, which means that guys like Jason Spezza, Ray Emery, and especially Sidney Crosby, are ruining the game.

Honestly, it will be great for the NHL to get Emery out of the league; it will do great to the Senators and Martin Gerber, who is now the No. 1 goalie in the nations capital.

Thanks for leaving Emery; you won't be missed.

Will Emery gain a fan in Europe?