Is Retirement for Real?

Michael VoyerSenior Analyst IJuly 15, 2008

The big word today is retirement.  Mark Martin said he would do it in 2005.  Bill Elliot said he would do it.  Ricky Rudd said he would do it.  Terry Labonte said he would do it.

All of which have come back for at least one race. Everyone realizes that they want to get behind the wheel because that's what they were born to do. 

It's more or less the fact that unless you really know that you can't do another season just tell the media you’re going to take a few seasons off to make a choice and see where your head is at.

Mark Martin made a huge campaign with Rusty Wallace.  Rusty's was "Rusty's Last Call," and Mark's was "Salute to You.” 

Rusty left and never came back though Mark did.  It's nice to see him behind the wheel, but buddy, do what you said you were going to do.