Dallas Mavericks and a Run to The Title

rudolf weisContributor IJanuary 18, 2017

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Well as everyone assumed the Dallas Mavericks are once again in the playoffs and are still looking for that first NBA title. The first obstacle in the road will be the San Antonio Spurs. This couldn't be a more evenly matched series in the first round of the playoffs. You can throw home court advantage right out of the window because the fan base is basically split here in the state of Texas. The rosters are just as evenly matched when you have two of the premier point guards in the league facing each other in Jason Kidd and Tony Parker and San Antonio also has second year stand out George Hill playing very well right now to. The Mavs have Dirk and The Spurs have Duncan. Both teams are pretty solid from behind the arc and both like to run a uptempo kind of game. The Dallas Mavericks need to capitalize on the glass and spread the ball around well in order to win this match up. They also have to find an answer to Manu Ginobli who has just been unstoppable as of late. Look for the Spurs to get Duncan going early while he is fresh so they can rest him more later in the game. The mavericks need to come out of the gate running so they don't find themselves playing from behind and under someone elses pace and not their own. I give the mavericks this series in five as long as the control the paint and distribute the ball. Lets all stayed tuned to this Texas rivalry just to see how it will all turn out.

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