Looking Into the Chicago Bulls Roster for the 2010-2011 Season

John HatelakContributor IApril 18, 2010

Getting into the Chicago Bulls to-do list this off-season, I've decided to research the possibilities of the how's and why's. There likely will have to be another trade if the Bulls can sign a top free agent, and a complementary one this off-season.

The Bulls, although having the money to do both player signings, still have to have some money left over to sign their draft pick if it isn't moved, and fill out the rest of their roster as they currently only have about six players signed for next season. Let's get into the Nitty Gritty's as one Bear GM would say. 

They do have options in Europe, and a couple D-league guys to help fill their roster space that shouldn't take up too much cap room. That will be a probable source to fill out the end of the bench.

It would be a shame to give up either Hinrich or the first pick, because like the NFL, this year's NBA draft will be a deep one, but to make room to fill out their bench, it may be necessary. 

If the Bulls keep the pick I like some of the shooting guards, and small forwards in this draft that should fall to the Bulls.

I like Damian James (Texas), Stanley Robinson (UConn), and Kyle Singler (Duke) for the shooting small forward option.

Singler may be a little bit of a reach value wise as he's probably a guy you can get later, but would fill that need for a shooter the Bulls have.

Perhaps trading down could work, and the Bulls can get a No. 2 this year, or a better No. 1 next. All should be there.

Shooting guards I like that should fall to the Bulls are: Jordan Crawford (Xavier), James Anderson (Oklahoma State), and if somehow Xavier Henry (Kansas) falls to them, they would do back flips.

Maybe the Bulls can trade up, and get the shooter they need. Henry would be ideal as he has the size and shooting range for a legit NBA two guard.

As this first 2010 playoff game against the top-ranked Cavaliers showed us, the Bulls need some guys who can bury the jumper.

There's also the Mid-level exception the Bulls could use to help. That'll fill a spot without counting against the cap not to mention adding a quality veteran with a needed, and specific skill set.

There'll be some possibilities, depending on what they do in free agency, that would take the better than 5 Million to win a Championship before they retire. Like maybe a Ray Allen perhaps? He'd be a good shooter off the bench that the Bulls desperately need.

I like bringing in Hakim Warrick as an eighth or ninth guy off the bench from the Bulls current roster as well. He should be nice and cheap. 

Ideally Luol Deng could get moved to afford enough space for two max deals, and leave enough cap space to fill out the role players on the bench, but that likely won't happen, So it'll probably have to be Kirk Hinrich who gets dealt.

The Bulls most likely would prefer to keep Hinrich as he can fill out two spots at the one and the two guard, can defend, and is a respected leader in the locker room, as well as on the court.

If the Bulls did get Rudy Gay or Joe Johnson, it would be less of a blow losing Hinrich, and that No. 1 pick if its Gay, since he's restricted. Its unlikely Johnson gets retained in Atlanta, because of having a cheaper option in ex-Bull Jamal Crawford. 

Perhaps another option for the Bulls can be swinging a deal for Gay with the Memphis Grizzlies. This way the Grizzlies get a good player in Hinrich, and another pick to bring in from a deep draft which may make that a deal worth exploring for them.

Who knows, maybe the Bulls can even do a similar sign and trade with Atlanta for Johnson. This would free up the money that would've been used on their No. 1 pick to sign role players to fill out the roster.

The Bulls will have to get creative to fill up the roster, and still get a max, and a second tier free agent.

If Bulls General Manager John Paxson could pull that off, and get a capable coach all will likely be forgiven, by the Bulls organization, and Bulls fans at least. We have yet to see how the league, and David Stern deal with this matter.

If not, it may be time for a new right hand man for Bulls owner Jerry Riensdorf. Paxson really put the Bulls organization in a bad spot at the wrong time with his involvement in the Vinny Del Negro incident.

If the Bulls lose out in free agency, and with the coaching hire, Paxson is someone who may be fired, or more likely resigns. 

Then a General Manager will be the organizations top priority, as Gar Foreman is merely a figure head to take the bullets shot at the real team architect, John Paxson.

Either way you slice it, this should be an interesting off-season that should keep the Bulls a relevant storyline the entire off-season.