Pro Wrestling Countdown: Top 10 Women In Wrestling Today

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJuly 15, 2008

Well I have been seeing people writing articles on who they think are the best women in wrestling today and I think they may have been a little off in some cases.

So here's my take on the greatest women in wrestling today. I believe this list may be a bit more accurate than others you see, no offense to my fellow Bleacher Report writers. I call them like I see them. So here they are the Top 10 Women in the sport today:

10) ODB

She electric. When her music hits and she walks out the crowd loses it and all hell breaks lose. She storms the ring with her cantine full and brings the fight to anyone and everyone who wants a piece of her. What a fire cracker. 

There is plenty of competition for here in TNA. She has brought the beat down to the top women in TNA today. From Gail Kim to Awesome Kong, ODB fears nothing. If she ever get a hold of that Knockout Title there is almost no one that can take it from her.

9) Taylor

Everybody has been pretty high on the girl lately. I have seen her in action and she is AMAZING. No doubt about it, but its not wining the championship that's hard, it keeping it.

I look for Miss Taylor to become the front runner of the Knockouts division, but she has plenty of contenders to fight off along the way that are aiming for her Knockout title. She still has allot to prove in my mind.

8) Candice Michelle

She proved that you can be pretty and talented. She won the Women's Championship last summer and held on to it for quiet a while until the Glamazon absolutely destroyed her.

Candice might have made it higher on this list if it haden't been out for her many injuries over the past year, but I look for her to pick up right where she left off when she makes her way back to the ring.

7) Natalya

She's the fastest rising Diva on Samckdown today and she's set out to make an Impact on the WWE.  She could very possibly be the first ever WWE Diva's Champion and that would make here the anchor of the Smackdown Women's Division, she is the face of the divas on Smackdown and maybe someday even Raw.

I only see good things in the young lady's future. The only reason she's not higher is because there were so many more deserving ladies who are above her if she keeps up the progress she will be one hell of a wrestler in the coming years.

6) Victoria

A two time Women's Champion and the veteran diva of the WWE has proved that you don't always need a title to be successful. Even after all these years and working five of them on a bad knee Victoria can still dish out the beating like nobodies business. 

I really respect her, she not at the top anymore and she ok with that. Thats the good thing about Victoria while Lita and Trish won the Women's title every chance they got Victoria was putting the other young ladies over when no one else would.

So when she is gone there will be other young ladies to take her place, what a class act.

5) Melina

This little girl is one mean cookie, you mess with her and she will stop at nothing to get revenge. She knows what she wants and she will do anything to get it. She is also a two-time Womens Champion and has beat some of the best ladies in the sport today.

Melina will be one of the top ladies in the WWE for some time to come and I for one have no problem with that.

4) Gail Kim

She like Victoria is the Veteran of her division. The good thing about Gail is she has plenty of new talent to elevate and no mater what she is the glue that keeps the knockouts division together and has no problem putting the other girls over.

Gail Kim is very well respected by the fans because she can have a good match with anybody on any given night. She is one of the most athletic girls in wrestling today.

3) Beth Phoenix

Never has a Diva completely dominated her division like Beth Phoenix has. She put Candice on the shelf and has beaten every challenger who stood before her for almost a year.

Know that she's beating men, she reminds me of Chyna back in the day. Beth has not seen the last of The Women's Championship and will keep on destroying competition for years to come.

2) Awesome Kong

If you think of a dominating women in wrestling today who is the first lady to come to mind? For me and I'm sure many other its Awesome Kong. She destroyed the best TNA has to offer and held the TNA Knockouts Championship for the better part of the last year.

Awesome Kong will not stop until she has beaten every single lady on the TNA roster and if I was a Knockout I would keep my eye out for this modern day monster.

1) Mickie James

She was the last Diva to get the rub from Trish Stratus and Lita, who where arguably the greatest of their time. She has been the leader of the Women's division since the departure of Trish and Lita and has carried the flag with pride.

She has been with the company for only three short years and is already a four time Women's Champion and I'm sure there will be more in the coming years. She has beaten the best in the Women's division and is on top of the mountain of Women's Wrestling today.

Runners up:

Michelle McCool—She's improving, but still has a lot to accomplish.

Maria—She knows how to connect with the fans, but can't do much else.

Jillian Hall—She's getting better, but she's lost in a crowded women's division on Raw (never thought I would say that).

Roxxi Laveaux—She's better than most people expected, but there is room for improvement.

Katie Lea Burchill—She still has a lot to learn.