Why the Mets Should Bring Up Omir Santos Once More

Anton CantwellContributor IApril 18, 2010

If you've been watching Mets games so far in 2010, you'll know that the Mets haven't been doing that great when it comes to runners in scoring position. Generally, they'll start a late-game rally and come up just short. Often times, it will be at the fault of the pinch hitter. So far, we've seen folks like Frank Calanotto, Fernando Tatis, Henry Blanco and other bench players struggle at the plate in these circumstances. The solution: Omir Santos.


If you remember Omir Santos from last year, he obviously wasn't necessarily fit to be an everyday catcher (so far I like the catching situation with Rod Barajas and Henry Blanco) and you may have a few bad memories from a defensive standpoint, but boy, he can come in and hit. And those hits are often in the most important scenarios. I'm not really concerned as to how the Mets would make room for him, or how this would happen (it probably won't), but I would really like to see Omir come in and give the Mets some clutch hits.

Some classic examples:


and ofcourse, his game winning hit against Papelbon.