Mets Plan To Hold Ring Ceremony For "20 Inning Champs"

Randy MedinaCorrespondent IApril 18, 2010

The Mets haven't had a lot of reasons to celebrate in the last few years. Epic collapses and injury plagued seasons have seen to that. So when the Mets beat the Cardinals last night in a bizarre 20 inning affair, Mets management was rushing to capitalize on the rare good fortune.

Mets Executive VP Dave Howard summed up the feelings of the front office. "Things haven't been so good around here for our fans and we really want to give something back. We came into this series with the clear goal of winning one game and we accomplished that in grand style. It's time to celebrate."

And celebrate they will. On April 22, the Mets will hold a pre-game ring ceremony where all 25 players and the coaching staff will receive a special "20 Innings Championship" ring. The rings will be gold plated over plastic and will feature a sparkling cubic zirconia stone.

But the fun doesn't stop there. As part of the pre-game festivities, a new banner will be hoisted up on the left field wall celebrating the Mets two run over two innings outburst against Cardinals "reliever" Joe Mather.

"This is only the beginning. We plan to milk this for a whole year at the least.", said Howard. "We've got a lot more stuff planned."

Among the plans are a special highlight video narrated by Morgan Freeman. The hour long video contains 4 minutes of game highlights and 56 minutes of Morgan Freeman talking about his favorite ballpark foods.

The video will be available soon and will be on display along with the ring at the new Mets Hall of Fame and Museum at Citi Field.



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