Magic Act: Hoping for Chris Webber in Orlando

Steve ResnickCorrespondent INovember 16, 2007 Orlando Magic are the second best team in the NBA.

That's right—the same Orlando Magic who allegedly overpaid for Rashard Lewis, and who were said to be Dwight Howard and a bunch of nobodies.

As it stands, the young Magic are 7-2, trailing only the undefeated Boston Celtics.

The Magic meet the Celtics in Orlando on Sunday.

For all their success, though, the Magic need to make some crucial improvements—and quickly—if they want to compete with the NBA's elite.

The first priority is the power forward position. Veteran Tony Battie is out for the year after rotator cuff surgery. Lewis has stepped up in an improvised stand-in role—but the Magic need a natural 4.

Their best bet?

Former All-Star Chris Webber.

With Webber in the lineup, the Magic could move Lewis to shooting guard, where he'd be better able to utilize his height and athletic ability. The change would also bump Keith Bogans to the bench, where he could provide energy, defense, and a nice jumper as a sub.

As I see it, signing Webber would turn the Magic from a bottom-of-the-heap playoff team into an Eastern Conference title contender. Will the team make a deal? Is Stan Van Gundy bold enough to move Bogans to the bench?

And most importantly of all, does Webber want to come to Orlando?

Only time will tell. For now, here's hoping the franchise lives up to its new slogan:

"Be Bold. Be Blue."