The Best/Worst Case Scenarios of 2010 For the Big Red

Mike ElstunContributor IApril 18, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - DECEMBER 5: Brandon Kinnie #84 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers leaps for the catch against Chykie Brown #8 of the Texas Longhorns during Big 12 Football Championship game at Cowboys Stadium on December 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

To say there are high expectations in Lincoln this fall is a major understatement.  Husker fans everywhere are wondering if 2010 is "the year".  Sights are set for a BCS bowl or better, with anything less being unacceptable. 

However, there are many questions going into the 2010 season.  The biggest one is, of course, whether Zac Lee's surgically repaired elbow will help the frustratingly stale offense ignite into what it was two years ago, or whether Cody Green would be the new Tommie Frazier.  As of late, Taylor Martinez has rocketed into the mix with a hot spring.

Best case QB scenario:

#1: Zac Lee comes back and shows he can be consistent, and stays healthy.

#2: Cody Green overcomes the freshmen blues and absorbs the entire offense and shows the occasional big play isn't the only thing he can do.

#3: Martinez lights up the field, fitting perfectly into the wildcat offense, and giving the offense that big play threat and sparking the players around him.  Opposing defenses struggle to key in on all the threats on the field, and are always playing on their heels. 

Worst case scenario:

#1: Zac Lee comes back this fall, and is the same Zac Lee from last season with the erratic passes and unable to get the offense going.

#2: Cody Green doesn't step up and take the job from Lee, and is unable to gain the consistency he lacked in his little playing time he had.

#3Martinez succombs to the freshmen mistakes, and the offense becomes one-demensional, and relies too much on it's running game.


Another question mark is on the defense.  Pelini says the defense will not only not miss a beat, but be even better than last season.  Hard to believe considering how dominant the blackshirts were, not to mention the fact the absence of arguably the best interior lineman in college football history. 

Best case scenario: Blackshirts are the Blackshirts.  The "peso" defense stops the pass-happy spread offenses of the Big 12.

Worst case scenario: Blackshirts lost too many players, and opposing offenses actually score.


What kind of season will the Huskers have in 2010?

Best case scenario: Undefeated.  The revamped offense, with a hint of wildcat keeps the defense guessing, and puts up some numbers.  The defense is as dominating as 2009, maybe even a little better, and the Huskers go to the National Title game.  Any question about Bo Pelini being able to run both the offense and defense is silenced.

(Absolute) Worst case scenario: The offense struggles, and the defense just isn't good enough to bail out the offense week in and week out again.  The Huskers struggle to an average 8-5 season with a close win against Washington to keep the hype up, only to lose to Colorado, Texas, Mizzou, and Oklahoma State, miss out on the Big 12 Title Game, and lose the Alamo Bowl.


Nebraska has one thing going their way: potential.  Nebraska has the talent and the coaching to get it done.  All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place in Lincoln.  The exciting part? It's not all set up for one big run and done.  Rather, Pelini is setting up the Huskers for long term success, which is why fans should be patient.  Dynasties aren't born overnight-- Ask Mr. Osborne...