Miami Dolphins Fighting For AFC East Division Champions Spot

Colin McGrawContributor IIApril 18, 2010

The Miami Dolphins are stepping it up to win the title of AFC East Division Champs.


They are hungry for the title, but they do have to compete in arguably the best division in the NFL. Competing with the Jets and the Patriots, Miami has work to do, but with their recent addition of Brandon Marshall this shows they are taking the next step. They are trying to get ahead.


For Miami to have a successful 2010-11 season they need to draft productive players, as well as a few more free-agency additions. Also, developing some new tricks to the wildcat and some new plays with Brandon Marshall.


The Dolphins need to keep their eyes on the Jets, who have been very aggressive in the offseason with the signings of Cromartie, Holmes, LT, Jason Taylor?, etc. and the Patriots, who have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds of the 2010 NFL draft.


Do the Dolphins need to worry? Ya, a little bit, but they don't need to get distracted to change their plan of action.


The Dolphins have signed 2 big names in the offseason, Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall who instantly change the offense and defense. I believe these 2 players will have a huge effect in the new season, and could be the difference between a win and a loss.


The Dolphins are playing strong, but they still have holes to fill. NT, FS, and OLB are the biggest positions of need. I feel if this years draft goes well and they get very productive players, I think Dolphin fans everywhere will have a good chance at witnessing an offseason.


This is our year Dolphin Fans!!!! Keep your heads held high!!


(Note: Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall are hitting their prime!)