Edge and Christian Reunion? (Spoiler)

Tasha GriebelContributor IApril 17, 2010

Ok guys this is going to be short but i got so excited that i just had so write it down.

Chair Shot Reality is saying don't read to much into this, but they have talked to inside sources that say that Edge, will infact, be drafted to WWE RAW next Monday Night during the 2010 WWE Draft.

He and Christian will be put together in a storyline but it's not clear yet what the storyline will be. They are also saying that it will not be E&C forever, but it will be an alliance kind of what the Undertaker and Kane have together now.

It is thought that by teaming Edge with Christian again that it will take some of the heat off of Edge from being such a sadistic heel in the past and help him become more of a babyface. What better way to do that then to team him with his once partner that we use to love see?

So guys, what are your opinions? Are you happy to see this happen? Are you as excited as I am(lol)

Post some comments and let me know

To check out the full show here is the link   http://www.wrestlezone.com/videos/article/video-big-names-switching-brands-in-wwe-draft-100379