Red Sox Are Stealing The Spotlight

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Red Sox Are Stealing The Spotlight
Do we need to remind the masses that this year's All Star Game is at Yankee Stadium? I understand that Terry Francona is the manager, and I understand that he's more likely to add his own players to the squad. But the Red Sox' presence is beginning to get overbearing.

There's the fact that a whole bunch of 'em were voted in to the game, but that can't be helped. The first real problem I had was with State Farm, who sponsored the Home Run Derby. They had David Ortiz at the forefront of their "Call Your Shot" promotion. (I wrote about this earlier.) The fact that Ortiz would be the face of the derby promotion at the Stadium is horrible. This isn't even a Yankee fan thing; it's an intelligent baseball issue. Why focus on a player in his rival stadium? How does it make sense? Would you focus a promotion around Chipper Jones if the game was at Shea? Anyway, I wouldn't wish an injury on anyone, but I was actually pretty glad that Ortiz didn't participate in the derby. He should not be highlighted like that in Yankee Stadium.

My second problem was Jason Varitek. How on earth was this guy put on the All Star team? I've been writing post after post about this, and I'm not going to bother reiterating the fact. He's not just undeserving: he's terrible. If Francona wanted to add his own players, why this guy?

Then there's the fact that Ortiz, despite his injury, remains on the roster. He's not going to play! We've known this for weeks! There are other deserving players, including hometown favorite Jason Giambi and Chicago's Jermaine Dye. Alfonso Soriano and Kerry Wood were both replaced on the NL squad; why couldn't Francona be nice to one more player? Does he really need a hurt Ortiz to be there?

And finally, Papelbon's stupid comments. Really, what was he thinking?

It is so annoying to see the Red Sox stealing all the attention when the game is being played in Yankee Stadium. It's just so wrong.

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