Quotes from Jason Bay About Start with Mets

Flushing Baseball DailyContributor IApril 17, 2010

Jason Bay was the big offseason acquisition for the Mets this year, but so far his bat has been quite underwhelming. In his first 10 games he has a lowly 84 OPS+ with just two extra-base hits.

Andy Martino of the NY Daily News sat down with him for an extended interview, here are some quotes:

On early struggles: “There have been a couple of games where I have felt that everything was clicking, and other games where I was kind of fighting myself,” Bay said. “It’s tough, especially when the team is not playing up to what you want, and I’m fully aware that I’m a big part of the team.”

On being a streaky hitter: “Sometimes you get out of synch,” he said. “You don’t feel as comfortable as you would. Sometimes that might be not seeing the ball, or missing pitches or whatever it is. For me, when I’m going well, you’re not thinking about it. Everything is just happening, and the swing is there. Other times, you swing, and you’re like ‘dang why did I miss that?”

On fixing his timing: “Sometimes if I start too late I get rushed, and if I start too early I’m still,” he said. “There is a fine point of being early and late, and it’s like a pitch-by-pitch thing. Sometimes you go and boom, you’re in the right spot and it’s there, and sometimes its not.”

On how his approach eventually helped him adjust in Boston: “That was a very good stepping stone for me as far as dealing with successes and failures,” he said. “There were some good times and there were some bad ones, but for me anyway, you try to be the same guy every time, not to high and not too low. I think that’s a good way to approach not just baseball but life. It’s hard to live up and down all the time.”

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