In The NFC, What Is Stopping the Cowboys? One Reason Is Penciled Out

Tom JacksonCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2008

The Dallas Cowboys are an ideal team in the NFL. They are champions of possibly the toughest division in the league. They have an outstanding offense, defense, and special teams, highlighted by thirteen pro bowl players. So in a weak conference, what's holding America's Team from achieving that Super Bowl berth they are craving?

Maybe it's the answer everyone uses: Tony Romo. The last two seasons,the star quarterback has "screwed the pooch". The "pooch", being the Cowboys, lost both their opening games in the playoffs.

Whether it was bobbling the snap for a possible game winning field goal, or throwing a game ending interception in the end zone, Tony Romo is the most hated quarterback in the playoffs. In the regular season, he's praised for his multi-touchdown performances. In the playoffs, he's booed for his stupid mistakes.

Fact is, if Drew Bledsoe was still holding the reigns, the Cowboys would be finishing third or fourth in the NFC East, not first or second. Romo has proved that the Cowboys have a better shot at the Super Bowl with him in charge of the offense. Once he wins that playoff game that has eluded him twice, critics will leave him alone.

Don't get me wrong, Romo was directly responsible for the loss in the famed wild card game against the Seahawks. He messed up on a simple play. The Cowboys' loss to the Giants was a simple football mistake.

Romo became one of my favorite players after he won the game for my Seahawks, but I have learned to respect him and not be arrogant enough to say that he is holding the Cowboys back. I wish him luck this year, hoping he can mute those playoff boos.