College FB Week 12: BCS Implications

Ryan BlanchfieldAnalyst INovember 15, 2007

Icon Sports MediaThe BCS has been no stranger to controversy in its decade of existence—and 2007 will be no exception.

If anything, in fact, the BCS picture is more muddled than it's ever been—even after Oregon's loss to Arizona.

As it stands, only the LSU Tigers control their own destiny, but Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma are virtually in the same boat.

And it doesn't get any clearer from there.

Kansas plays Missouri next week for the Big 12 North title. The winner will play Oklahoma for the Big 12 Championship

If Missouri wins both games, the Tigers might be kept out of the title game for a midseason loss to Oklahoma.'s remaining schedule consists of Ole Miss and Arkansas. Even if Les Miles and Co. beat Ole Miss in Oxford this weekend, they'll still have to find an answer to the Razorbacks' dynamic rushing duo.

Let's not forget that the last time the Tigers were voted No. 1, they lost their next game—an SEC road matchup—to Kentucky.

LSU faces another SEC road matchup this week.

The final test for the Tigers will come in the SEC Championship Game. LSU is likely to face either Tennessee or Georgia in Atlanta, depending on whether Tennessee wins out.

Both the Vols and the Bulldogs have two losses, but Tennessee owns the tiebreaker.

In any event, either team will pose a challenge for LSU—and it's by no means certain that LSU will be in New Orleans on January 7th.

If Kansas wins out, I'd have trouble keeping them out of the title game, for two reasons.

First, they'd be undefeated. And second, their winning out would add two more top-five wins to their resume.

If Missouri wins out, I'm not entirely sure what would happen.  If the Tigers beat Kansas or Oklahoma by more than 15 points, I'd probably have them playing for the championship.

My final BCS prediction?

The fans demand a playoff system before next season.