Jack Swagger Finally on the Top of the WWE Mountain?

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IApril 16, 2010

With his impressive win on Smackdown, did Jack Swagger finally start his push as a dominant wrestler?  It's not a small achievement to defeat Jericho and Edge; he has defeated two of the biggest WWE's icons in a triple-threat match to retain the Championship and more than that, he did it cleanly.  

To begin the week, he made a huge statement when he delivered his signature gutwrench powerbomb to Orton.  He left a solid impression in Raw's main event and he continued with a strong title defense.  It might mean he is getting a serious buildup as a permanent main-eventer.  

The WWE really needs to start to plant the seed for a medium term future.  HBK is already retired and some icons are close to hooking their boots; Batista will probably retire next year and The Undertaker won't last more than two more Wrestlemanias to finish his career at 20-0; even Triple H might consider retirement in few years; in addition, Y2J, at the age of 39, is not far away from the end of his active career.  Cena, Orton, and Edge will need company on the top.  

The All-American American is the first serious candidate I currently see to join the top in permanence.  With the hold back they are doing with John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase, they seem to have interrupted some pushes to start something new with Ziggler and R-Truth, for example.

Will CM Punk get his definitive push and join Swagger on the top of the mountain next?  Will it be Ziggler or Morrison?  Anyone else you think about?   I for sure see Swagger keeping his spot in the top card.  What do you all think?