A Long Road Ahead: What Should We Expect From ISU Basketball?

Alan ShephardContributor IApril 16, 2010

DAYTON, OH - MARCH 17:  Northern Iowa Panthers Coach Greg McDermott applauds during the Panthers game against the Georgetown Hoyas during the First Round of the 2006 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at the University of Dayton Arena March 17, 2006 in Dayton, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This has to be one of the most disparaging off seasons for the Cyclones basketball I can remember for a long time. We came off a season we hoped would be a good one, and it wasn't. Our star player did not have the year we had expected. Gilstrap did not get the extra year of eligibility we had hoped for. And what else? We are handing out transfers like candy for Trick-or-Treat.

I am not gonna lie, when I heard Greg McDermott was not being fired I actually was upset. We have constantly kept up our consistency - losing. I am a true-blue Iowa State fan, but I cannot help being in the gutter of the Big 12 year after year. We used to beat Baylor in everything, now the table has turned. We have watched our fellow Big 12 North counterparts take some glory (Kansas football, Missouri basketball) wishing it was ours. What is the problem?

I, like every other fan, wishes for National Championship contention, but what about just getting into the big dance. It is hard to swallow that seven, I repeat, SEVEN Big 12 teams made the NCAA tournament. Yet Iowa State was one of the "other five." I can not stand this much more. McDermott, in my mind, has one more year for a miracle. We had to suffer through watching our little brothers, Northern Iowa, battle and win some good games. 

One more year and I say Pollard needs to go out and get a high-caliber, high-character coach from a winning program who can recruit across the nation and get us some good players. Why not go after a Duke or Kentucky assistant and give him an opportunity. 

Lets support our Cyclones like we always do and hope for better days in the future.