Breaking News: Ed Leslie, the Man of a 1004 Bad Gimmicks, To Join TNA?

Devon GivensCorrespondent IApril 16, 2010

I've read the following information from

"Right After Wrestling sent out the following: Brutus Beefcake: "When Hogan Calls me I'll be ready."

Ed Leslie, known best as Brutus Beefcake, joined host Arda Ocal on the SIRIUS Radio 98 program "Right After Wrestling" heard Mondays from 11:05pm—midnight EST.

On the program Beefcake talked about the possibility of joining TNA with his best friend Hulk Hogan at the helm, as well as expressing interest in returning to the WWE."

My view on Ed Leslie joining TNA (or possibly joining WWE):

To be honest, I really don't care if he joins TNA or not, because he really didn't interest me all that much.

When I was watching WCW, whether he was shaking his hiney at some poor old woman in the audience or was just another nWo lackey in the watered-down elite faction in 1998, Leslie really was not all that exciting. 

But going deeper inside the mind of The Hulkster, he'll sign him right on the spot if Ed Leslie actually considered joining TNA. 

Once again TNA, this is great for nostalgia and the casual fan, but if you actually consider to use him, please do not stick him in a bad gimmick.

This is my thoughts, folks. What are yours?