High School Super Stadium--Allen Takes Texas Football To The Next Level

Evan SundermannContributor IApril 16, 2010

It's true. Everything's bigger in Texas.

The Allen Independent School District has approved plans for a new 18,000 seat stadium that will cost the school district 60 million dollars.

The stadium will have two decks and four concession stands.

As a senior at Coppell High School, which is located less than 27 miles from Allen High School, I'm excited to hear about the plans for Allen's new stadium.

Texas high school football is famous for it's intensity and  the high level of quality of it's competition in addition to the passion and volume of spectators in the stand each and every Friday night during the fall.

With the competitive nature of Texas high school athletics, don't expect too long of a time lapse before another school looks to top Allen with an even bigger, better facility.

The new stadium's construction will begin in September.