Greatest Live College Mascots

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Greatest Live College Mascots

Let me first state that this will probably be a very controversial list, but one that will be most accurate, truthful and genuine. I’ve seen a lot of lists ranking the best live college mascots.

I am tired of seeing the same ones on every list. I’m taking it a step further. I am looking for uniqueness. So, I will be excluding some popular live animals to this list.

My intention is not to knock any traditions associated with the excluded mascots. I can’t knock tradition. This is just a method of rating some really cool live mascots I see on Saturdays. So, I’ll start with the exclusions.

I’m tired of seeing common canines make the list. I don’t need to see a Lassie knock-off or a bunch of old tired bulldogs. No mascot that I can readily see at a dog park needs to be on this list. It’s entirely too boring and common. Plus, if I want to see a cool dog, I can look next to me on the couch. Call me when Alex, the dog from the old Stroh’s beer commercials, becomes a mascot.

Birds of any kind are straight out. If I wanted to see a bird clinch onto someone’s forearm and fly around a venue, I’d go to Medieval Times. Now, I will say that if a real live Phoenix were to come into existence, I’d be into seeing that— with the fire and all.

No humans. Let’s get a little more original than college kids parading around in a collage of dollar store costume paraphernalia. No Daniel Boone, Indian Chief or any Trojan. Rebels, Mountaineers, Leprechauns and Raiders of any color are also out. I’d rather see a naked guy streak the field or a fat, topless guy dancing in the stands. Scratch that last part.

So, without further adieu…your top 10 Live College Mascots.

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