Are NASCAR Officals Jobs More Dangerous Than Drivers?

Michael VoyerSenior Analyst IJuly 15, 2008

NASCAR is so focused from what we can see on the drivers (as well as most of it should be) however NASCAR officials have a very dangerous job as well and i've seen some videos of officials who have been hurt and killed while working on the job. The picture above is of NASCAR official/inspector Brienne Davis who was killed earlier this year in a car accident (nothing to do with NASCAR) however I did happen to search this up and found that she was 28 years of age when she died.

Honestly if you take a look at it, many drivers do get injured like when Tony Stewart hurt himself at Lowe's last year, and some do get killed like the late Dale Sr. but the focus has always been on the drivers NASCAR on Fox or TNT needs to show what NASCAR has done to make this sport safer for people other than the driver.

The last real safety check they have made is the Speed Limit down pit road and they have enforced it and accidents do happen, drivers may go too fast by mistake, at least give the officials somewhere decent to stand while their watching the car, it's not that difficult to do.