Sports Science: Intermediary Between Jocks and Geeks

Matthew GilmartinSenior Analyst IApril 1, 2017

Sports are full of mysteries. When something goes just slightly wrong, we say, "What if _________ (fill in the blank) had happened differently," or something like that. 


Sports Science is set in California and filmed inside a highly technologically-advanced sports lab. 


The show recruits the best athletes in every sport to perform its stunts and experiments. The goal of the experiments is to attempt to find out what makes athletes so powerful and unstoppable—to figure out the answers to some of the most elusive mysteries in sports.


These are some of the most curious questions the program answers:

  • What feels the worse: An NFL linebacker's blindside tackle on an unsuspecting quarterback, a baserunner crashing into a catcher, or a rugby scrum?   
  • Who flies the highest: An NFL wide out or an NBA guard—with pads on?
  • What is the most dangerous cheap-shot: A hockey slash with the blade of a stick or a 90mph fastball to the head?
  • Can a person actually dunk over a car? Wait—hasn't that been done before???

But Sports Science goes beyond answering the most puzzling questions in sports today. It also helps bridge the gap between jocks and geeks, making the two work together as one.


Jocks live for sports. Geeks live for science. 


Sports Science brings them together by combining the two. It brings out the geek in jocks and the wannabe jock in geeks. The jocks would love to see the brief clips of actual sporting events, and the slow-motion violence and athletic ability that the show's CGI tracking equipment captures.


The geeks would love the scientific terms used in the program and the fact that the show's hosts use the scientific process to the find the answers. 


Sports Science combines the two least likely components for a quality TV show that can be enjoyed by all.