Look For Jason Witten to Have a Career Year

Jonathan LopezContributor IApril 15, 2010

With the emergence of Miles Austin last year, I'm hearing a lot of whispers about Miles Austin being Romo's new favorite target.  If there's one thing every Cowboy fan should be able to agree upon, it would be that Jason Witten is Romo's security blanket.  On 3rd and 4, we all know who Romo is going to. 

Austin definitely stepped up huge last year and proved to be a threat in the Cowboys passing game.  However this year he will be attracting more attention from defensive coordinators around the league.  I know that Terrell Owens attracted a lot of attention during his 3 year stint as a Cowboy, but Miles is a different type of threat.  His deep threat ability brings a new aspect to our passing game.  If you compare the numbers Austin put up last year to T.O's best season as a Cowboy (2007) you'll see that Austin's numbers down field are just a tad bit better.  He had 21 reception of 20+ and 8 of 40+.  T.O's are similar, he had 22 of 20+ and 4 of 40+.

Jason Witten had his best year, statistically in 2007 (as did T.O) but 2009 wasn't too far behind.  My point is that if Austin can maintain his dominance (and our running game keeps tearing up the field) in 2010, Jason Witten can reap all the benefits.  Especially if the Cowboys pick up a fast slot guy in the draft.  I'm not forgetting about Ogletree, I'm a believer in the kid, but with guys like Dexter McCluster, Jacoby Ford, and Taylor Prince the Cowboys can add some speed to the slot receiver position currently held by Patrick Crayton.  Who knows come draft day they can even make a deal with with Miami for Tedd Ginn Jr, I don't think his price tag would be too expensive.

If the Cowboys add some speed in the draft and Austin can keep it up, I think that Witten can slide under the radar and make some plays.  Look for him to at least get 10 TDs, something he hasn't achieved in his career yet.