Green Bay Packers: Dear Brett...

Ryan Senior Writer IJuly 15, 2008

Anyone who has been paying attention to the sports world the last few days knows of the developments happening between retired quarterback Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

Favre, the NFL's all-time leader in touchdown passes and yards, retired back in March following, the Packers surprise run to the NFC Championship Game, ultimately  losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Giants.

The Packers, meanwhile, have been preparing for this inevitable day for a few years.  Backup Aaron Rodgers seems ready to finally assume his place at the helm of the Pack Attack.

Then Favre got the itch.

Just four months after retiring, Brett has made his intentions to un-retire known. And the Packers, though interested in letting him return, told him he wouldn't be the starter.

An incensed Favre spoke yesterday on Fox News, saying how he realized he retired early but he feels he can play. He went on to say if the Packers won't have him back as the starter, he'd like to be released or traded.

Brett has been a good guy and relatively smart with his career to this point, but what he's asking is incredibly unfair to the Packers and to Aaron Rodgers.

Releasing or trading Favre would undoubtedly create a backlash like no other in Cheese Central, one that the front office would like to avoid at all costs.  Bringing him back would more than likely mean that Aaron Rodgers is demoted to back up once more, robbing him of the chance he's been waiting years for.

If Brett wants to come back to Green Bay, and the Packers have offered him a back up role, bring him in and may the best man win.

While we all saw a Favre return has inevitable, none of us could have imagined this predicament.  Let's hope that Brett does the right thing.