Jose Reyes Sayes He's Not Ready To Bat Third In Lineup

Keith BennettCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2016

Al Bello/Getty Images

 This weekend  in St Louis Jerry Manuel plan to put Jose Reyes to the third spot in the lineup. But for the time being, Reyes is glad to be hitting in the familiar leadoff spot. After just five games, coming off an almost 11-month absence, Reyes isn't himself yet at the plate. He's hitting just .222 since his return went 0 for 5 Wednesday. And while he is fine with Manuel's decision to move him the N. 3spot, it's not something Reyes want to do just yet. 'I'm not ready," Reyes said Wednesday "My timing is not yet. Even thought I had two hits (Tuesday), I still don't feel too comfortable. ... They've been throwing me a lot of changeups, a lot of breaking pitches. I need to make some adjustments to that. Reyes knows it take time for his timing to come back. He willing to bat in the middle of the lineup. That shows a lot about Reyes.