NHL PLAYOFFS: I Spy The Stanley Cup

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IApril 15, 2010

In honor of the playoffs, (playoffs?!?!?!) here is an NHL post:

The NHL doesn’t have much going for it, however the one great thing is the championship trophy the NHL awards, AKA – The Stanley Cup, AKA Lord Stanley. Of the four major sports, this is the one trophy that is passed from team to team as they win, and each player on the winning roster gets their name engraved on the trophy. Usually, each member of the winning team gets to spend some “alone” time with the trophy and here are some pictures of where the Stanley Cup has been. Probably more places than any of us have traveled:

It has been on a boat, in a shower, at a party, on a cliff, on display in a pool, in a dressing room, in bed (multiple times), in a pool, on a beach, in a shopping cart, held a baby, licked, kissed and humped by many (including Hayden Panettiere – pictured below), in a hospital, in the white house and even as a measuring device for Mini Me (you must be this tall). Its currently in the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins – see Jersey Girl below.

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