Lamount Samuell Jr. Commits To Robert Morris

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIApril 15, 2010

LaMount Samuell Jr. has decided to commit to Robert Morris after spending a year at Notre Dame Prep School. Previously, Samuell Jr. was a stand-out shooting guard for New York's Boys and Girls High School. 
He has been called an aggressive scorer and attacks to get to the hoop every time he gets ahold of the basketball.
One interesting fact about the kid is that he is right-handed, but dribbles with his left hand. He uses that to his advantage as he is a nice defender that is smart when it comes to turning over the ball from the other team. He finds a way to counter just about any play that the opposing offense will press on him. 
Simply put, Samuell Jr. has a good basketball IQ.
He will be providing his school with strong back-court depth with his defense. 
The Notre Dame Prep star was down to choosing between Marist, Univeristy of Central Florida, Southern Miss, and Seton Hall before choosing to go with the Robert Morris Pirates. 
Samuell joins Brook Turson, Malcolm Lemmons, and Wilbur O'Neal as some of the up and coming prospects for Robert Morris. 
Scouts rank Samuell in the 85th percentile, which is excellent for Robert Morris.