Kendall Langford Is A Miami Dolphin

The PhinisherCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2008

At 6’6” and 293 pounds, it’s easy to understand why Kendall Langford garnered a third round selection despite playing at a small school like Hampton. There’s one rule when drafting a small school prospect, especially a defensive lineman. The tapes must show a man among boys.

When the stats unfurl then you know that Kendall was just that.

In 2007 Langford racked up 72 tackles. 6 sacks. 12 quarterback pressures. 13.5 stops for loss, totaling 81 yards.

They jump, don’t they? What if I told you that of those 72 tackles, 70 of them were against the run (QB option included) and that of those 70 plays the opponents gained 6 yards.

No, The Phinisher has made no typo.

6 yards. 70 plays.

Then you factor the 15 goal line tackles, 12 of which ball carriers were stopped for no-gain or losses – well these are the sprinkles on top.

Langford is the player that seems to have the most upside of any drafted by the Dolphins this year. He isn’t too raw. He has the measurable stature of a dominant 3-4 end. What he is though is unproven. He has not faced top-flight offensive lineman. Lucky for him, he has a work ethic and he knows he has lots to prove.

He wants to prove it too. He’s the type that believes he was better than anyone in the draft at his position and he wants to show them why they made a mistake in not selecting him.

Upon arriving in Davie, Langford immediately noticed the weight room. Playing at a small school like Hampton, Langford had never seen the equipment and amenities that bigger schools boast. Langford kind of has a chip on his shoulder about that.

Langford believes he can only get better in there, amongst the high-end equipment. Since being drafted he has been letting the heavy metal ride high and working to become stronger and better conditioned. He is well aware that the competition just got unbelievably better. Knowing may be half the battle for Langford.

The pads are about to go on and Langford has signed his multi-year contract. The proving grounds are watered and ready.

As the world-weary Jason Taylor said recently (and says before every training camp), “People look great when they're in underwear and T-shirts running around and making fake plays. But when you get in camp or when the bullets get a little more live, so to speak, you start to see what guys are really made of and what the makeup of your team will be.”

The bullets are about to be a little more live and all that’s left for Langford to do is line up across from the likes of Justin Smiley, Vernon Carey and fellow rookie Jake Long.

Well, line up across from them and make his introductions to the Dolphins revamped backfield.


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