Home Run Derby: Still Great to Watch!

Shawn OwensAnalyst IJuly 15, 2008

So I sat down last night to watch the Home Run Derby.  First off, what a great event.  I know in the past few years it wasn't the greatest but last night, the theatre of it all was just impressive.

Yankee Stadium looked great and the fans in the Bronx did a great job for all of Major League Baseball. 

Obviously, the talk of the night was Josh Hamilton, the BIG TIME Slugger for the Texas Rangers.  He was hitting the cover off the ball and putting on a great show.  From his former coach from High SchoolClay Counsil, 71 years young, throwing the pitches he needed to hit distances of 518, 504 and 502 feet. 

To the New York crowd chanting his name throughout his first at bat (I think the Steinbrenners may be chanting his name soon as well), and the theatre of all of Hamiltons off field re-covering issues.  What we saw, witnessed, and emerged was an overnight (to say) superstar athlete coming out on the big stage at Yankee Stadium.

I know, I know, he has been doing it all season, and good for him.  95 runs batted in at the all-star break is super impressive.  However, his name is now on the lips of the whole country, not just the Texas Rangers and MLB fans.

Even if he is a one year wonder, everyone will remember the last home run derby in Yankee Stadium and Josh Hamilton.  The problem is, nobody will remember who won the event.