My Take On John Morrison!

L. KeithContributor IIApril 15, 2010

When you first here that generic Jimi Hendrix entrance rift play, you know that "The Friday Night Delight" is about to enter the ring. John Morrison is one of the few success stories from the WWE Tough Enough series and has made a name for himself through hard work. When he first stepped on the scene, he was Eric Bischoffs little bitch boy, who got beat up by the main eventers on a weekly basis. Later he teamed up with Joey Mercury and then girlfriend, the sexy Melina to form MNM! The team was a success, but watching the early matches of the team, it was clear that Mercury was the work horse, while JoMo was still geting his feet underneath him.

Fast forward to his time on ECW, were he would win the ECW title and became, in my opinion, a star! His matches with CM Punk and Evan Bourne were some of the best matches seen on the now defunct brand! After Punk finally won the title, JoMo and The Miz began to team up and became one of the best tag teams in the WWE. Winning the Unified Tag Team titles and the Slammy for Tag Team of The Year, this should have been the making of John Morrison's rise to main event status. But, instead of JoMo particapating in this years MITB ladder match and winning it, he is made to team with R-Truth and get squashed by ShowMiz!

I have read articles were people state that John Morrison does not have the mic skills to be a main eventer, but here is the solution; turn him HEEL!!! Think about all the heels throughout wrestling history or villains in movies. The bad guys have the best dialogue and show no remorse for the actions that they take. When JoMo was a heel, he was great on the mic. Now, he sounds like his entrance music; generic!

He needed to be in this years MITB and won it! Think about a match between Randy Orton and JoMo, instead of Jack Swagger? Nothing against Swagger, but he has 0 charisma and now, you have to build Swagger up as a legitimate champion, when JoMo would have been the perfect man for the job, simply because he already has been established. John Morrison has the look and the talent to be a main eventer. Not jobbing to Swagger or being made to team with R-Truth, who should also be at the very least, a top mid carder contending for the IC title.

John Morrison is a wrestler that you can build your company around. Looks, charisma, and a great work ethic, that has been showned throughout is progression in the ring. I say give John Morrison the chance to be among the new faces of the WWE!