Evict the Nationals! Put Their Bats and Balls on the Street!

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IJuly 15, 2008

The Lerners are not paying rent. They need to be evicted. The slime-balls are playing DC for fools.

They have the worst team in MLB, playing in the newest stadium and they have the audacity to want the city to pay them $100,000 a day because their offices where not ready on time, even though they were getting free rent at RFK. They haven't even paid ticket sales taxes to the city yet on all those season tickets and luxury boxes sales.

Did I mention the stadium was built by the generous tax dollars of the citizens of Washington, DC?

I said all along that the Lerner’s were the worst possible pick to steward baseball in the Nation’s capital after a 33-year hiatus. They only care about one thing, money. Their greed is odorous.

It is time for DC citizens to boycott that team. Hell it is nothing but a AAA team anyway.

The slime balls are putting a low ball product on the field and charging top dollar for it. They haven’t signed any of the top five draft picks. The Nats are only averaging 9000 viewers per game on MASN and the PR moves are atrocious.

This is one vote for eviction. Padlock the gates and make the Lerner’s sell to some one who wants to win!