WWE Divas: How The Beautiful Have Fallen

David BarrosoContributor IApril 15, 2010

Do you remember her?

That's Trish Stratus, former seven time WWE/WWF Women's Champion. Recently, I was flipping through my Wrestlemania Anthology set, and was watching WM X8. The second to the last match was a Triple Threat Divas Match between Jazz, Trish Stratus, and Lita. For some reason, I didn't skip it, i watched it.


To my dismay, there was actual wrestling by the divas. It was a genuinely interesting match. Sure, a couple of botches, but it was a good match. Then, I had the distinct honor and privilege of watching the Divas Championship Match Between Mayrse and Eve Torres. How far the Divas have sunken. Starts off with hair pulling, some forearms, a missed moonsault, and then a suplex into a bridge, and it's over. Then, the week before, the dreadful Dress To Impress Battle Royal to determine who would face Maryse. Really? You need a gimmick Battle Royal to determine the number one contender?


I have a solution. First off, scrap one of the titles. I seriously see no point in having a Diva's and Women's Title, it's completely pointless. Second, don't make anymore gimmick matches with them, or 26 Diva tag matches. Make some real storylines and some one on one matches. Give them a legitimate chance to shine, or fail.


What do you think?


BTW, first article for me.