John Cena, David Otunga Finally Meet: John Shows Him Who the Champ Is

lee raydeanCorrespondent IApril 14, 2010

It was Monday Night, RAW was being televised from England, and the fans were all jacked up. Davis Hassleoff was the celebrity host, so as soon as he got in the ring, the matches began.

They were straight up exciting. The one match that was the most interesting was between Rookies's A List, David Otunga and the heavyweight champ, John Cena.

The champ had a score to settle with Mr. A List. The week before, when he hosted RAW, he had made a match for the Unified Tag team belts—Show/Miz vs John Cena and Batista.

In my opinion, at the time, I thought it was a big mistake considering these two are at each other's throat and will face each other at ER.

Well as you already know that match up didn't work out. Otunga then made another match with all the same participants, but this time he was supposed to be Cena's partner. That was a set up.

John was due to get stomped on by Batista after Big Slow knocked him out. Then the Animal gave him the Batista Bomb, which is why Cena wanted to get his hands on Otunga.

When it was time for the the match, Otunga came out with Batista. That wasn't a complete shocker considering what Otunga had done for the Animal.

At first the champ was toying with the rookie, but after David threw some punches, Cena decided to show the rookie who the champ really was. He taught him a lesson, giving him the STF. The A List wasted no time in tapping out.

Did he make a mistake in setting Cena up like he did so that Batista could try to hurt John so that he wouldn't be 100 percent for their match at ER?

David Otunga knows that the pros will be viewing the rookies and voting on who did what and how good they did it.

Otunga says that is why he set the champ up and hoping that the Miz and the other pros would think that he has the "it" factor.

The A List has charisma, and can wrestle. He is also cocky, egotistical, and he has guts. It took guts to do what he did to Cena on RAW.

That doesn't mean that he is going to have that chance again. Hopefully, Otunga won't pull that crap again. Next time, he may not be so lucky—he may feel the wrath of the Champ.