Russell Wilson- The Best QB In The ACC In 2010

Michael CooperContributor IApril 14, 2010

   Miami fans may be upset with this pick over Harris, but the fact remains that Harris threw more interceptions than Wilson in 2009. Wilson also finished higher than Harris in pass efficiency and total offense. That being said the margin is razor thin. Russell Wilson threw for a total of 3,027 yards and 31 tds in 2009 finishing 15th in the nation in total pass efficiency and 23rd in total passing yards. He also ran for 260 yards and four touchdowns bringing his total offensive numbers to 3,287 total yards and 35 total tds finishing 19th in the nation for total offense. He also holds the NCAA record for most consecuative passes (326) without an interception. Even though he is on a bad team, Wilson is the best quarterback in the ACC for the 2010 season.