Where are the Tag Teams?

adam smereckiCorrespondent IApril 14, 2010
What ever happened to the glory days of Tag Team Wrestling? The days of L.O.D. are gone. Even the days of the Killer Bees are over! You would be hard pressed nowadays to even get a tag team that wear matching gear for crying out loud. Teams like the Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, and the Dudley Boys are almost dinosaurs and they were supposed to save tag team wrestling!

Not too long ago the Dudley Boys swore they and TNA were going to bring back tag team wrestling. Well what happened?

Wrestling fans all know that our friends “Up North” don’t care about the tag team straps. The WWE has made it very clear that tag team wrestling is dead in their eyes. OK yes they still have the tag team belts but how many times have they even been defended? Technically the WWE has four tag belts on two guys. In fact that scenario seems pretty familiar to TNA.

At the moment Matt Morgan is the sole champion of the TNA tag belts. Does that make an sense? Morgan is the “sole” champion of the “tag team” belts? (That makes as much sense as when the Free Birds were tag team champs using three guys or even when Demolition added Crush to their team)Beer Money is stuck doing dirty work, The Dudley Boys are not even in contention for the titles, and The Motor City Machine Guns might as well be wrestling singles matches.
Yes there seems to be number one contender matches for the tag titles but the straps don’t seem to ever be defended by a “tag team” against a “tag team”. I put the mysterious tag team between quotes because that phrase seems to be extinct.

So Matt Morgan (the sole champ of the tag belts) has yet to find a permanent tag team partner. In fact Morgan deliberately put his tag partner out of action! Is TNA telling us what the WWE wants us to think? Is Professional Wrestling only about singles careers? I am not about to start watching Ring of Honor just to see tag teams. TNA has already signed one of ROH’s tag teams lets hope they are not trying to kill the division as well.