Chiefs Can Benefit From The Marshall Trade!

Jacob ClarkContributor IApril 14, 2010

WithDenver trading Brandon Marshall to the Dolphins, it has a chance to help other teams. Marshall going to the Dolphins means Ginn Jr. is likely to be cut. Teams with a need a WR could want a guy like Ginn.
Most importantly the Chiefs could pick up Ginn after the Dolphins cut him, or it will make it more likely for the Dolphins to trade him. For a say 4th or 5thround pick, it would be worth it for the Chiefs.Chiefs picking up Ginn would mean we don't need to worry about Tate in the draft(unless we really want him) then we can pick up someone like Cody? maybe Kindle? who know but we wouldn't worry about WR then!
A WR corps in Bowe, and Chambers on the outsides, and Ginn in the slot, the Chief's WR corps doesn't look to bad. Its not a Moss, Welker thing yet, but it will help win games. And yes i say yet! Bowe can be that Moss kind of guy if he focuses on the ball and watches it all the way in to catch it. Chambers is only here for a couple years then his carreer is over, and Ginn can be a great Slot, Return guy we need!
Lots of people wanted Chiefs to grab Marshall, but whats the point? Sure he is good but is bad for the locker room, and Why have two of the same players? Bowe and Marshall are alike: big, physical WR. Where as Gin as that guy that will whip in and out of guys and burn them in the open field. It will keep defenses guessing on who the ball will go to and really help out. since then if a Defense does double team Bowe then we have another man to throw too. So all in all this trade, if the Chiefs play it right, can help the Chiefs