Coaches Corner: Offensive line

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Coaches Corner: Offensive line
Zone reach Blocking

1. Use two foot steps
Spreading defense is important
In some schemes, against some defenses will tighten them down

2. Key to scheme is OC
He has the toughest job and needs more steps to get better angles
Coach frey and GA, actually did demonstration on this

3. 3 things Coach frey Looks for in O linemen
a. Explosion off the Ball
b. Nastiness
c. Quicness to 2nd level- This scheme will not work if Linemen cannot get off
doubles and get to 2nd level/Lbers

4. Linemen need to pound the earth to keep proper power angles etc
footwork for OC is double any other position.

5. Keys to Success in Scheme
1. Aiming Point, Outside of numbers, far arm pit
2. Do lose ground on 2nd step- If you get pushed backwards, give up
penetration, scheme will not work. penetration takes awy cutbacks that
are what makes inside zone tough to defend
3. O Linemen got to cover the numbers, Playing through aiming point,
4. If going riht, right through chin, if blocking left, left eye through chin

Offense- Runs coming off zone blocking
1. tackle read zone
2. Belly
3. Option
4. Sweep

Man Plays
1. QB Draw
2. QB Iso

Pull Schemes
1. Trap
2. QB power
3. Reverse
4. Dart- which is slot or RB screen

OLbers- Most dangerous defenders, you cannot account for them play side
especially in blitzes
SEs - Block safeties, unless back is up in empty, then block CB

Rip max Zone- Lead Back just like ball carrier same course.

That should give you some idea of what to look for when watcing O line this year.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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