100 HR At Wrigley Field

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IApril 14, 2010

Huge relief Derrek Lee’s right thumb checked out okay after Monday’s game.

He’s the only guy hitting with any consistency…6-for-19 on the opening road trip…and 2-for-3 Monday.

Lee’s reached base safely in all seven games…and is hitting .364 overall.

The guy’s picked right back up where he left off last season…as the Cubs best hitter… .306 avg., 35 HR, 111 RBI.

You’d hate to see him miss any games, which is a rarity with Lee anyway. So I’m assuming he’ll be back in the lineup Wednesday night.

The Cubs desperately need his bat…and the Gold Glove at first never hurts, either!

Lee, by the way, is one home run shy of becoming the 10th player to belt 100 or more home runs at Wrigley Field.

Of his 99 career homers at Wrigley, only one has come while playing for the opposition…with the Marlin in 2003…he tagged Matt Clement.

Others to hit 100 Wrigley Field home runs: Sosa (293), Banks (290), Billy Williams (231), Santo (212), Sandberg (164), Sauer (118), Gabby Harnettt (115), Dawson (110), and hack Wilson (109).

Aramis is approaching the mark, too. He’s slugged 96 at Wrigley…92 wearing a Cubs uniform.