Daniel Bryan: From Indy Legend To NXT Jobber

Jeff TerryContributor IApril 13, 2010

When Bryan Danielson first signed with the WWE my head went wild with ideas. I thought he would have a great career is a upper mid carder and have several runs with intercontinental  Gold. But now it is a whole different image I can't tell you how many wins he has had on NXT, He has lost to pretty much everyone on the show and it is rather sad. After watching first episode of NXT I was thinking to myself wow Vince must like this kid. But after weeks and weeks of jobbing I am wondering if he has any hope in WWE.


I will admit I haven't really got to see much of Danielson. But what I seen was pure gold and I do not understand why this dude has became a jobber on a show where half the guys can't do 3% of the stuff he can. Yes he is not the most flashy guy, yes he don't look like a star , and yes he isn't that big. But who cares. I am confused when watching NXT thinking yea Daniel Bryan will win this week he is facing Darren Young then 3 minutes later Darren Young is victorious.

I am starting to wonder how long Daniel Bryan will be employed with the WWE. Because as of right now his future is looking rather grey. I hope I am wrong and it is some plan that will explain him jobbing. Lets hope so because WWE has a great wrestler on there pay roll hopefully they know how to make it pay off.