Red Sox: Time for Julio Lugo to Get Out

John DeerCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2008

Nothing pains me more than seeing the Red Sox having two runners on base with two outs, and Julio Lugo stepping into the box.

Sox GM Theo Epstein took a risk in signing this guy to a four-year, $36-million contract before the 2007 season, and so far it has not paid off.

Lugo has only hit over .300 once in his career, and that was the year he came off his career-high in home runs, swatting 12 dingers that year.

That, to me, does not cut it to be a starting shortstop in the American League. More specifically, it does not cut it to be the starting shortstop of the Boston Red Sox.

And I bet you're thinking, well, sure, his bat is not that great, so his glove must be at least par. Well, guess what? It ain't.

The highest fielding percentage Lugo has had in a season is .980, and he's racked up a total of 162 errors at the position over eight seasons, including 16 so far this year.

He's a liability, and needs to be shipped this trading deadline.