Brett Favre: Let Him Go Already!!!!!

Ezra Cayson IIIContributor IJuly 14, 2008

Ok, we've seen this before!!!!  Legend unsure if he's playing; Legend says he's not gonna play; Legend decides to go for one last ride; and with a twist this time Legend plays as if he is still in the prime of his career and almost makes the Super Bowl!!!!   

I know a lot of people will probably hate me for this but I gotta be honest.  I think the Packers should move forward with Aaron Rodgers.  It's time for Aaron to show and prove like the Peyton Manning's, Ben Roethlisberger's, or Carson Palmer's. You know, the first rounders that either win Super Bowls or the ones that put up gouty numbers.  Then again, he could go out like the Jay Fiedlers, Ryan Leafs, or Tim Couches.  You know those guys that either come in behind the greatest of all time and the fans never warm up to him or the number ones that just don't pan out regardless of personnel.  Either way, because of Brett's decision to go back on his word to retire we are in this pickle. 

There is a way for the Packers to move on with life, save face with the fans, and with Brett.  Wanna here it? Here it goes!!!!

They first have to release him free and clear to let him play wherever he wants.  He deserves that respect especially after they decline on letting him come back as a coach.  He did ask right?  Whoops!!!! 

Next, they still retire his jersey and make a ceremony of it during a preseason game.  And since he'll end up in Chicago they should have one last Brett Favre night at Lambeau when he comes to play!  Aaron will just have to suck that one up!!! 

If they do this and Favre sucks in his come back they still look like a stand up organization for appeasing the fans and Favre.  Then Favre goes out like Namath.  If they don't, they look like the sorriest lot in the NFL making a shoe-in Hall of Famer do back up duty. 

Let him go already!!!!!!!!!