Why Didn't the Bengals Go for Santonio Holmes?

Kyle StrittholtCorrespondent IApril 13, 2010

PITTSBURGH - DECEMBER 27:  Santonio Holmes #10 of the Pittsburgh Steelers runs after a fourth quarter catch against the Baltimore Ravens on December 27, 2009 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh won the game 23-20. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The biggest key point this offseason for the Bengals was to go out and try and find a solid receiver to fill the void left from the death of Chris Henry and the loss of TJ Houshmandzadeh.


They successfully got Antonio Bryant and were thought to maybe still be in the market for Terrell Owens.


Just this week in the AFC North the Pittsburgh Steelers practically gave away their best receiver and Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes to the New York Jets.


The troubled wide receiver out of Ohio State has had a past with the law. In 2006 he was involved in a domestic dispute. The misdemeanor charges were dropped. In 2008 he was arrested for possession of marijuana.


Holmes is currently being sued by an Orlando woman who alleges he threw a bottle at her face and cut her. Recently a witness for Holmes came forward and admitted to throwing the bottle at the woman.

For his actions he will be suspended four games this season and he was kicked out the door by his former Super Bowl Champion team.

Last season Holmes had 79 catches for 1,248 yards and five touchdowns for the Steelers and it helped Roethlisberger have quarterback-like stats with 4,328 passing yards.

The Steelers loss was the Jets gain for a mere fifth round pick of next week's draft so this begs the question of why didn’t the Bengals get in on this deal.

I’m not sure that the Steelers would have given the Bengals Santonio Holmes for such a simple bargain, but this would have answered a lot of problems.

Holmes would guarantee an increase in the Bengals passing game and would fix the biggest issue at hand which is down the field passing.

It would have affected the draft tremendously, because now instead of wasting a pick on a receiver they could get more depth in other areas of their team and perhaps draft Taylor Mays or a tight end in the first round.

This would have been big for the Bengals and once again they were too late to be the early bird in this situation.

It does help that it’s unclear of Ben Roethlisberger's punishment by the league or if he will be leaving too, and even if he stays in Pittsburgh his receiver just went out the door so his production goes out the door as well.

Once again the Steelers will have to rely on their running game and Willie Parker is no longer a part of the team. The Bengals may once again be the team to beat in the AFC North this season.

Now the Bengals have to worry about the Jets though because they have made some key additions to their team. They showed the Bengals their biggest weakness by shutting their passing game down completely and now they have done more to help their offense.

If Mark Sanchez doesn’t have a sophomore slump then the Jets are going to be the top team in the AFC and may rival the Patriots for the top spot in the AFC East.