WWE Raw: Vince McMahon's Absence Means Chaos Continues

lee clarkContributor IJanuary 15, 2017

In the weeks following the accident suffered by the WWE Chairman, Monday Night Raw has decended into total chaos, reminicent of the golden era when scripting was a lot less polished than we are used to, and I have to say it's a stroke of total genius!

With Shane and Stephanie appealing for calm at the top of the show (14/07), only to then go straight to an all-out brawl between HBK and Y2J, it looks as if complete and utter chaos is here for the time being, and being a fan since Wrestlemania 5, I love it!

The Great American Bash would usually be the usual PPV, described in the WWE's annual report as "resulting in a change of direction or the completion of a story-line".

However, this PPV seems more likely to increase current animosity as the juggernaut that we know and love as Monday Night Raw hurtles out of control, leaderless, onto what could hopefully turn out to be the greatest SummerSlam for years.

The joining of John Cena and Cryme Tyme brings back memories af early DX, and the teaming of Cody Rhodes and Ted Debiase Jr. will definatly spice up the tag team division at last.

What is to come?

Well, who knows—but I hope it continues to escalate into the summer!