The Phantom Fix: Jim Ross On TNA Ratings, WWE European Tour Updates

The PhantomCorrespondent IApril 13, 2010

Jim Ross had a lot say about TNA and the threat they pose to the WWE in his blog. He was quoted as saying the following about TNA:

“Will TNA ever become a TV ratings threat to WWE? What is the definition of a ratings threat? Does it mean, will TNA ever beat Raw on Monday nights?

If that’s the question, then my guess is “No” but I don’t think that’s TNA’s goal. The USA Network provides Raw with a great advantage on cable TV in exposure and over all network ratings considering that USA is generally the #1 rated cable network.

Small example but many hotels that I have stayed at over the years almost always have USA Network whereas few generally feature Spike. Point is that USA is a much stronger network than is Spike, no offense intended to Spike.

My suggestion is that both WWE and TNA need to focus on what they do and build their own new stars that are involved in intriguing and compelling personal issues and let the chips fall where they may.

TV wrestling is ’star driven’ and ’storyline fueled’ in which long term planning is a key component in order to facilitate, fun and easy to watch, episodic TV. It’s also WAY over thought in many circles.”

The quote that sticks out is the last sentence "its way over thought in many circles." It seems like he saying that TNA and the WWE is over thinking the booking of its shows, instead of going with the basics. These same thoughts where pointed out by former ECW promoter, Paul Heyman an online rant he had. Time will tell if Heyman and Ross are right.

In WWE European Tour news, Sheamus was worked over as a face in Dublin, Ireland, in a match with John Cena. After the match Cena, cut a promo to put Sheamus over, and let him hold up the WWE Title in front of his home crowd.

In injury news, Ezekiel Jackson confirmed the rumors of knee problems and is said to be out for 3 to 6 months with a knee injury. He was shaken up in a match against Kane, where he thrown over the top ropes in a awkward way and fell down on the knee.

After Big Zeke let Kane get the win; he was helped back into the locker room area by Billy Kidman and other WWE crew. It is now confirmed that Kidman is on the tour and not in FCW because he is trying out for Gerald Brisco former role of producer.

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