My Top 5 WWE High-Flyers Of All Time.

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 12, 2010

High-flying, is the art of crazy aerial moves. High-Flying wrestling often involves risk taking, for instance an aerial move from a ladder, and tons of action.

High-flyers offer some fantastic matches with great crowd reaction. Today I am ranking my top 5 WWE high-flyers of all time.

Number 5: The Brian Kendrick

 One of the most underrated high-flyers. Trained by HBK himself Kendrick has has showed some amazing high-flying skills. With amazing diving moves and some great tornado-style moves, plus a finisher that makes him look as if he is walking on air, The Brian Kendrick is ranked at number 5.

Number 4: Jimmy "The Superfly" Snucka 

Snucka was one of the few high-flyers of the WWE in the 80s. Master of the diving-splash and with some great leaps he entertained millions of wrestling fans. He didn't lack risk taking also, how can you possibly forget that Superfly Splash off the cage?

Number 3: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

A truly amazing high-flyer. Steamboat never ever offered us any poor matches. A former I.C champion and a man who deserved to be WWE champion for sure Steamboat is ranked N.3.

Number 2: Rey Mysterio Jr

One of the biggest draw's in the WWE. Despite his age Rey has proved that he can give us tremendous action. Not very famous for his risk- taking abilities but for his technical moves Rey is ranked at Number 2, only inches away from the best.

Number 1: Rob Van Dam 

The master of the frog splash. Both a risk taker and a technical high-flyer, RVD has proved to be the true King of Extremes. With great in-ring ability it's not a wonder he is ranked first.