The St. Louis Rams Are On The Clock?

Rick HawkinsContributor IApril 12, 2010

It appears that the St. Louis Rams are going to tread in uncharted waters by drafting Sam Bradford as the No. 1 pick in the coming draft.

Problem No. 1!!! Paying for the potential of a college kid that could turn out to be the next Ryan Leaf.  There are no guarentees in life, but the NFL's policy for paying college athletes for potential is mind-boggling.

Not that Mr. Bradford will not live up to all the hype that is surrounding him, but for any potential NFL player, pay before play is crazy. This is surely a bad Janet Jackson song 'what have you not done for me lately.'

So, what could have been some options for the once greatest show on turf?

Donovan McNabb: Traded to the Washington Redskins was thrown about, and obviously thrown out.  He would have possibly brought some credibility to the Rams' once-potent offense that has of late just been offensive.

Michael Vick: Excitement when the ball's in his hands, excitement when he passes because you may not know whose hands the ball may be in next. Not really what the Rams need.

Mark Bulger: Already under contract with the team, and the QB that Rams fans chased Kurt Warner out of town for.  How did that work out for us?

Not that Bulger, at the time, didn't look promising, but the fear in his eyes as opposing defenses drooled at the opportunity to sack him into submission did not help him.

As a Rams fan, I certainly hope that after three years of drafting in the top of the NFL unproven payday that we dont screw this up and end up once again on the clock.