Who Says the Madden Curse Isn't Real?

Caleb LitesCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2008

An Itch to Play? Nope.

A Bruised Ego? Hardly..

An Early Retirement?  Nada...

Do you wanna know the real reason for the drama that has hit Green Bay, WI? 

Three Words for you, The Madden Curse.

When the talented people at EA decided to pick the player to grace the cover of Madden ‘09, they wanted someone special; a player who would live up to the excitement as gamers geared up for the 20th year of Madden gaming. 

Someone RETIRED!  Finally, the curse (whether they believe it or not, as it does exist) would end. 

No longer would a player be cursed with an injury or poor performance like every year dating back to 1999 when Garrison Hearst became the first player to make a solo appearance on the cover (heck, even with Luis Castillo on the cover of the Spanish Madden 08, the curse lived on). 

Surprise?!?!  The Curse lives on...and the game isn't even out yet!

Even more ironic is the "Brett Favre Mode" on Madden ‘09 where you can play with Favre on any team...kinda like all the predictions on where the QB will be playing in the upcoming season.

While it seems the nightmare for the Packers has just begun, next time remember that just because a player is retired doesn't mean they are exempt from the Madden Curse.


Go Pack Go.